Concerning Biblical Leadership

The ministry of flows from the following fundamental convictions:

The Bible has a lot to say about leadership. Christians should begin conceiving of their roles and responsibilities in the light of God’s Word, rather than popular leadership theories.

Scripture addresses leadership often by means of images and metaphors. More than mere literary artifice, these mental pictures are powerful, constructive—and often subversive—means for activating our understanding, emotion, and will.

Shepherding is a durable, primary biblical image of leadership that deserves careful reflection, even in cultures without literal shepherds and flocks. While contemporary images are important for organizational leadership, none completely captures the nuances the Bible communicates by means of pastoral imagery.

All leaders are shepherds. Scripture employs this image to refer to those in “full time ministry” as well as to those in “secular” positions of leadership. It applies today to pastors of congregations, CEOs of corporations, and parents of families. Each of us should understand leadership as a sacred calling.

Shepherding is a robust, comprehensive way to describe leadership. It is not restricted to personal “pastoral care” and other ministries of compassion. Shepherd leaders are expected to martial and manage resources, to lead communities with justice and discipline, and to guide organizations with wisdom, vision, and vigilance.

Because alternative, non-biblical views of leadership pervade our contemporary cultures, shepherd leaders need to spend time together reinforcing a biblical view of their work and sharing best practices for facing the challenges they encounter.

The website provides an opportunity for leaders in ministry, business, medical, military, political, and family settings to purchase books and images designed for their personal growth and the training of others. However, the primary reason for this website is to provide a venue for Christians to discuss the specific challenges of leadership together in the light of Scripture. You will find the discussion forums located in “The Tent,” named after the safe, temporary places where shepherds interact over their common tasks each day. The only realistic hope for transformation and long-haul endurance lies in disciplined engagement with like-minded pilgrims. We need each others’ stories of failure and success and the insights that come to us in the context of ministry.

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